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International Film Festival of La Rochelle

International Film Festival of La Rochelle

Festival of La Rochelle

The 34th La Rochelle International Film Festival will be held from Friday, June 30th to Monday, July 10th, 2006.
Aside of the Retrospectives (John Houston, Harold Lloyd, Maurice Ronet), tributes are given to Bulle Ogier, Roman Polanski, Brother Quay and Hirokazu Kore-Eda.

Concerning the Asian films, are screened the following :

Walking on the Wide Side (Han Jie, China/France, 2005 - 89 min - 35 mm - colour)
Original title: Bu Fa Fen Zi

A gripping study of drifting youth in the mining province of Shanxi, Northern China in the early nineties. Experimenting with new found freedom in a post-socialist economy, three high school boys, "sworn brothers", dream of liberty, carefreeness, and easy money. But life catches up with them... They are forced to face reality and wake up to a life similar to that of their parents, which they had tried to escape from.

Screenplay: Han Jie
Photography: Xu Wei, Li Hong Jian
Music: Sheng Zi
Editing: Zhang Yifan
Sound: Bei Bei, Chan Ting
Production: Xstream Pictures, Les Petites lumières
Cast: Bai Paijiang (Xiping), Guo Qiang (Liu Liu), Hou Jing (Erbao), Zhang Xingxing (Dongdong), Lu Jie (Guangxie), Tian Zhaoting (Xiaosi)
Source: Les Petites lumières
Co-produced by Jia Zhangke, the film was awarded at the last Inernational film festival of Rotterdam.

- Election 1 (Johnnie To, HK, 2005 - 101 min - 35 mm - colour)
The time has come, as it does every two years, for the senior members of Hong Kong's oldest Triad, The Wo Shing Society, to elect a new chairman. Fierce rivalries emerge between the two eligible candidates. Lok, respected by the Uncles is the favourite to win. But his rival Big D will stop at nothing to change this, including going against hundreds of years of Triad tradition and influencing the vote with money and violence.

Screenplay: Yau Nai Hoi, Yip Tin Keung
Photography: Cheng Siu Keung
Music: Lo Tayu
Editing: Patrick Tam
Production: Milkyway Image Ltd
Cast: Simon Yam (Lok), Tony Leung Ka Fai (Big D), Louis Koo (Jimmy), Nick Cheung (Jet), Cheung Siu Fai (Mr So), Lam Suet (Big Head), Lam Ka Tung (Kun)
Source: ARP Sélection

- Election 2 (Johnnie To, HK, 2006 - 93 min - 35 mm - colour)
Lok has been elected and has total power. Jimmy, a member of the Triad, wants to become an honest businessman. The Chinese make him an offer: if he takes over the Triad, then he will be allowed to trade legally with China.

Screenplay: Yau Nai Hoi, Yipo Tin Shing
Photography: Cheng Siu Keung
Music: Robert Ellis-Geiger
Editing: Law Wing Cheong, Jeff Cheung
Production design: Tony Yu
Production: Milkyway Image
Cast: Louis Koo (Jimmy), Simon Yam (Lok), Nick Cheung (Jet), Cheung Siu Fai (M.So), Wong Tin Lam (Oncle Teng)
Source: ARP Sélection

- Takeshis' (Takeshi Kitano, Japan, 2005 - 98 min - 35 mm - colour)
Beat Takeshi lives an overbooked and often unreal life as a show biz celebrity. His look-alike, a shy cashier, is an unknown actor impatient for his big break. After an encounter with Beat and following several frustrating auditions, the latter seems to lapse mysteriously into an imaginary state where aspects of Beat's real life and his violent on-screen personality are mixed up.

Screenplay: Takeshi Kitano
Photography: Katsumi Yanagijima
Music: Nagi Oyuncular
Editing: Yoshinori Ota, Takeshi Kitano
Production design: Norihiro Isoda
Production: Office Kitano
Cast: "Beat" Takeshi Kitano, Kotomi Kyono, Kayoko Kishimoto, Ren Osugi, Susumu Terajima, Tetsu Wanatabe, Akihiro Miwa
Source: Bac Films



Blogger Mubarak Ali said...

Very tempting retrospectives and discoveries! Would love to hear your thoughts on some of the films (either here or at Fragments).

I've already seen Offside from this line-up, and would recommend it if you like Jafar Panahi's films. Ten Canoes and 12:08 East of Bucharest will be showing at the Auckland Film Festival here from next week (but not Takeshis', Bamako, and Climates, which I was looking forward to seeing).

Anyway, have a good festival!

July 05, 2006 10:04 am  
Blogger Ouyang Feng said...

Yes indeed! Unfortunately, there is a high chance that I won't be there :( :(
If I go, it will be only for this week-end. I'd have liked very much to see Walking on the Wide Side as it's a Jia Zhangke production and it's been awarded at the Rotterdam Film Festival. Also the Kore-Eda's documentaries and many other films that I've nevre heard of.
I'm pretty sure Jafar Panahi's film will be released.
I've got Takeshis', so I can do my own home one film festival....

July 05, 2006 12:06 pm  

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