Monday, October 23, 2006


Viennale. October 13-25, 2006.

Asian films selected :
Taking Father Home (China, Ying Liang, 2005)
A 17-year-old boy from a village in the province Sechuan leaves for the big city looking for his father, who left six years before and has not been heard of since... more
Ice Games (China, Zhang Hui Lin, 2006)
The initial idea of Ice Games goes back to 2004, when SARS was in the air in Beijing, and the streets were empty. The whole city was in panic. Friends gathered at my place because all work has been suspended. The idea of making a film was actually to pass time and not be too bored... more
The Bimo Records (China,Yang Rui, 2006) Doc.
In the Daliang Mountain region of Sichuan, China, lives the ancient tribal Yi minority... more
China Village Documentary Project (China, collective, 2006)
The year 2005 saw the beginning of the so-called China Village Documentary Project, which, for the first time in China, opens a visual channel from the villages by putting video and still cameras in the hands of villagers across the nation. In its first phase, the selected topic for documentation was Ā«village self-governanceĀ»... more
Living in Nanking Road (China, Zhao Dayong, 2006). Doc.
They are from all over China, without true names or social relations. They call one another after the names of their hometowns... more

The Host (South Korea, Bong Joon-Ho, 2006)
The Peter Pan Formula (South Korea, Cho Chang-Ho, 2005)
Han-Soo is a promising high school swimmer living in a small seaside town where the only light in the village is an uninhabited lighthouse. After his mother is left comatose by a suicide attempt, he loses all interest in life... more
Sa-Kwa (South Korea, Kang Yi-Kwan, 2005)
The gentle touch of time on the changing feelings generated by a break-up are at the core of Kang Yi-Kwan's pleasingly subtle debut feature, Sa-kwa... more
Digital Short Films 2006 - Talk to her (South Korea, Darezhan Omirbayev, Eric Khoo )
Every year the Jeonju International Film Festival offers a couple of filmmakers the opportunity to make a short film on a given theme. The project, which began in 2000, has since achieved an international reputation. This year, Darezhan Omirbayev and Eric Khoo explore the potential of the digital camera.

Loft (Japan, Kiyoshi Kurosawa, 2006)
Reiko, an author struggling with a deadline on her novel, suddenly starts to exhibit strange symptoms... more
It's only Talk (Japan, Ryuichi Hiroki, 2005)
Yuko is 35 years old, single, out of work, and on medication from her psychiatrist to combat her manic depression. Living in Kamata Town, Yuko divides her time between a variety of men friends, each with his own peculiarities... more
Birth/Mother (Japan, Naomi Kawase, 2006). Doc.
On April 24, 2004, Kawase Naomi had a son, Mitsuki. Following Japanese tradition, she gave birth on a tatami mat, assisted by a midwife and surrounded by all her family... more

Stories from the North (Thailand, Uruphong Raksasad, 2005) Doc.
Stories from the North evolved into its current form from a series of short documentaries made by director Uruphong Raksasad over a number of years. Now re-edited into an expansive feature, the footage forms a cinematic collage of life in the village in northern Thailand where he grew up... more

Full or Empty (Iran, Abolfazl Jalili, 2005)
Full or Empty is characterised by Jalili's typical love for an ambitious kid who does not put up with the bureaucracy, disinterest and hypocrisy of the established order. The setting and the characters are true to life and convincing. The result, a social comedy with almost chaplinesque elements, is in the very best tradition of Neorealism... more



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