Thursday, January 25, 2007


Berlin International Film Festival

From the Press Releases
Competition Section 2007
- Hyazgar (Desert Dream) by Zhang Lu, Republic of Korea/France (World Premiere)
- Ping guo (Lost In Beijing) by Li Yu, China (World Premiere)
- Sai bo gu ji man gwen chan a (I’m A Cyborg, But That’s Ok) by Park Chan-wook, Republic of Korea (International Premiere)
- Tu ya de hun shi (Tuya's Marriage) by Wang Quan'an, China (World Premiere)

Films in the Forum 2007
- a.k.a. Nikki S. Lee by Nikki S. Lee, USA/Republic of Korea (IP)
- Ad Lib Night (Aju teukbyeolhan sonnim) by Lee Yoon-ki, Republic of Korea (IP)
- Campaign (Senkyo) by Kazuhiro Soda, USA/Japan (WP)
- Dol by Hiner Saleem,Iraqi Kurdistan Region/France/Germany (IP)
- Eye in the Sky (Gen zong) by Yau Nai Hoi, Hongkong, China (WP)
- Ichijiku no kao (Faces of a Fig Tree) by Momoi Kaori, Japan (IP)
- Kain no matsuei (Cain’s Descendant) by Oku Shutaro, Japan
- Mona Lisa (Meng Na Li Sha) by Li Ying, People’s Republic of China/Japan (WP)
- Tuli by Auraeus Solito, Philippines
- Village People Radio Show (Apa khabar orang kampung) by Amir Muhammad, Malaysia (WP)
Special screenings:
- Don by Farhan Akhtar, India

Complete programme at the end of January,
for now :
From the Republic of Korea:
- Dasepo Sonyeo (Dasepo Naughty Girls) by E. J-Yong
- Haebyuneui Yoein (Woman on the Beach) by Hong Sangsoo
- Hu-hwae-ha-ji An-ah (No Regret) by Leesong Hee-il
From Taiwan:
- Ci-Qing (Spider Lilies) by Zero Chou



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