Monday, October 23, 2006

Pusan International Film Festival - Awards

Awards of the PIFF
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Andy Lau was awarded as Asian Filmmaker of the year.


New Currents :
This award serves to promote emerging film talent in Asia by selecting the best new film in New Currents section, the only featured competition at PIFF, by an Asian director. A cash award of USD 30,000 will presented.
Betelut (Director: Heng Yang/China)
This film is selected for its new cinematic value, great acting from all the cast, powerful picture and beautiful silent moments. The film opens a window seeing new possibilities of fimmaking finding a new way for a cinematic change.
Love Conquers All (Director: Chui Mui Tan/Malaysia)
This film is using a known cinematic language in a nice way telling the life of a village girl who is going to a big city to work and face the reality and the morality of our time.

The award is presented annually at PIFF to a new Asian film from New Currents section for its experimental and progressive spirit by the Association of International Film Press.
Love Conquers All (Director: Tan Chui Mui/Malaysia)
The FIPRESCI jury at the 11th Pusan International Film Festival gives its award to “Love Conquers All” by Tan Chui Mui, for its audacious narrative structure and its intelligent work with sound and image.

NETPAC Award (Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema) award is presented to the best Korean feature film by the NETPAC Jury. NETPAC was founded as an international body in 1990 with a mission to promote and to distribute Asian films, and to introduce the outstanding achievements of Asian cinema overseas.
The Last Dining Table (Director: ROH Gyeong Tae/Korea)
For its unique and striking style, its humane portrayal of lower-class families living in isolation from society, and the controlled performances by the lead actors.

KNN Audience Award:
This award is given to the most popular film chosen by festival audiences from New Currents section. USD 10,000 will be awarded by the Pusan Broadcasting Cultural Foundation.
The White Silk Dress (Director: Huynh Luu/Vietnam)

Sunje Fund:
A cash award of USD 20,000 is granted to the best Korean documentary from Wide Angle section, for the purpose of assisting the next production by its director.
The Wind Stirs (Director: LEE Jin-woo/Korea),
LEE directed Sundays in August which was part of the 10th PIFF official selection and screened through Korean Cinema section. Committee members shared that The Wind Stirs successfully dealt with the emotions and personality of the leading character.
Portfolio (Director: YOON Seoungho/Korea)
YOON explores the new cinematic territory through Portfolio by putting forward alternative elements for independent films.
Special Mention : CHOI Young-Jun’s Merry Christmas.
Although the film has not won the Award, PIFF recognized director CHOI’s effective demonstration of his talent and strong potential through the film.

Woonpa Fund
A cash award of USD 20,000 is granted to the best Korean documentary film or video from Wide Angle section, for the purpose of assisting the next production by its director.
People Crossing the River (Director: KIM Duk-Chul)
KIM insightfully explores the long-standing bilateral issues between Korea and Japan by using the characters’ comments and phrases. He pulled a top-end documentary project together.
Our School (Director: KIM Myeong Joon)
The film showcases the life of students of Chosen elementary, middle and high school in Hokkaido, Japan.
Special Mention: 16 Takes of Korean Society
The Committee members would like to give a special note on 16 Takes of Korean Society which was completed by 17 independent filmmakers. The documentary project handles the dynamic aspects of Korean society. While preserving the key topics of Korean independent documentaries such as people living in isolation from community and social issues, this film encourages independent filmmakers to strengthen solidarity.



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