Friday, February 02, 2007

Focus on China Doc - Berlin

During the Berlinale, and the craziness of the big festival, there is a place where we can chill out, see some rare, unknown works, watch some different films by video-artists, independent filmmakers, talk with anybody until the morning, or stay silent in the corner if the mood is such, just simply have some good time and watch some good works from different parts of the world.

This year, there is a special on Chinese films. All the specials at Directors Lounge see here.
This special line-up comprises of several long features and short videos and illustrates the singularity and the richness of the independent Chinese documentary in a concise manner.

Presentation to download (in pdf file) in English , in French, in German.

Dream Walking (meng you) – Huang Wenhai (2005, 86 mn)
Beyond Sound (da yin) – Li Wake (2005, 30 mn)
People of the Yangtze River (chang jiang shang de ren ) – Wei Tie (2005, 28 mn)
Outside (wai mian) – Wang Wo (2005, 86 mn)
Paigu (paigu) – Liu Gaoming (2006, 106 mn)
Carriage (che xiang) – Xu Xin (2004, 18 mn)

info here

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