Wednesday, April 04, 2007

New Jia Zhangke's project

Jia Zhangke has announced his next project - TWENTY FOUR CITY, at a press conference 1st April.
It will focus on the stories three generations of women workers during the rise and fall of a state-run factory, to show how the life of many Chinese cities and city residents life have changed since the 1960s.
Jia said he has the idea of making a movie about a factory for many years. The factory he picked is a plane engine manufacturer called Factory 420 located in Chengdu of southwestern China . In 2005, real estate developer CR Land purchased the land the factory was built on. The factory buildings are about to be demolished, workers and their relatives who live on the factory land are about to be relocated, and a series of apartment buildings, named "24 City" is about to be built.
Simultaneously, Jia will also shoot a 200 - 260 minute long documentary titled The Story of 24 City (literal title) to record the whole process. CR Land is producing the project, along with Shanghai Film Group and Jia Zhangke's Hong Kong-based Xinghui Production Company.
Twenty-Four City is also the first movie Jia did not write alone. His writing partner is Zhai Yongming, a woman poet from Chengdu. Jia is now finalizing the script and looking for actresses to play the three workers.
He also admitted that he needed more time to prepare for both The Age of Tattoo and Shuang Xiong Hui and works on these two projects would not start until the end of this year. Shooting of both would be completed by next January.

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