Monday, February 20, 2006

some HK comedies

some HK comedies......

Of course the king of comedy in HK is Stephen Chow Sing Chi.
2 other of his movies seen lately :
Fight Back to School (Gordon Chan, 1991), this one is so funny from the music to the situation and the acting.
Love in delivery (1994, Lee Lik-Chee, Stephen Chow) - the Garfield superhero is great! So silly and funny.

Stephen Chow Movies seen :
Legend of Dragon - (1990, Danny Lee) naive and cute
Fight Back to School (1991, Gordon Chan) extremely funny
King of Beggars (1992, Gordon Chan) quite good
Justice, My Foot! (1992, Johnnie To) okay
Flirting Scholar (1993, Lee Lik-Chee) funny
The Mad Monk (1993, Johnnie To) okay
Love on Delivery (1994, Lee Lik-Chee, Stephen Chow) funny
From Beijing with Love (1994, Lee Lik-Chee, Stephen Chow) so, so - parody of 007
A Chinese Odyssey Part 1 (1995, Jeff Lau) extremely funny
A Chinese Odyssey Part 2 (1995, Jeff Lau) the best - still my favourite
Sixty Million Dollar Man (1995, Wong Jing, Raymond Yip) messy
God of Cookery (1996, Lee Lik-Chi, Stephen Chow) good and funny
King of Comedy (1999, Lee Lik-Chi, Stephen Chow) good
Shaolin Soccer (2001, Stephen Chow) very funny and good
Kung Fu Hustle (2004, Stephen Chow) funny

Although I'm rather sure it wasn't intended to be as comical as it was, The Magic Crane by Benny Chan, a Tsui Hark production of 1993 turned out to be funny.
It's a wu xia / fantasy. Starring Anita Mui, Tony Leung Chiu Wai, Rosamund Kwan, Damian Lau and others.
I must admit that the movie is hard to follow, well not that the story is complicated, because it isn't (basically a gathering of all martial arts school of China, but each school wants to take over, then you've got a subplot with a master - Damian Lau - who left his daughter - Rosamund Kwan - and kept the other as a student - Anita Mui).
But it's all over the place, and messy with all those flyings, fightings in the air done so fast that you haven't got time to realize that it's nearly the end.... and the special effects are cheap and overdone, the actual giant crane - because yes there is one - is laughable.
However, the movie is enjoyable, I had a few laughs too especially at the end, Tony Leung is quite funny too.

Jeff Lau's A Chinese Tall Story. (2005)
Another wacky adventures with the main characters from classic novel Journey to the West, A Chinese Tall Story focuses on Tang Monk Tripitaka.
So different from the Chinese Odyssey movies (the ones with Stephen Chow & the 2002 one), and less funny. There are some very stupid parts that are so silly that they are funny and I did laugh, but firstly, it's too much special effects - sometimes it's even too much like a video game - and there isn't the same energy, spontaneity than in the others.
As for the cast, well, Charlene Choi doesn't do much to me, Nicolas Tse was okay ... I guess. And the others didn't do much to me either, glad to see Wong Yat-Fei & Ng Man-Tat, Stephen Chow's pals, and Fan Bing-Bing - who I've never seen before - has a nice face, delicate features.

Not HK, but since it's also a comedy, another Asian comedy seen recently :
Kamikaze Girls (Japan, 2004, Tetsuya Nakashima)
Quite liked it, it's very silly, but the two girls have plenty of energy and they did very well together, they're a truely good pair. Good enjoyable, fun movie.



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