Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Some Korean films (bis)

Last batch as after a while a change is needed or boredom, lassitude will come....

No Mercy for the Rude (Park Cheol-hie, 2006) with Shin Ha-kyun (Save the Green Planet...).
Killer (he has no name) is a mute hitman, a killer, who masters knifes and decides to kill only rude people in order to have a surgery to recover his voice.
Another crime/comedy movie which contains a certain dose of dark humour and of a rather graphic violence, the film could almost remind in somehow of Park Chan Wook, but here the pace is quicker and the film less flashy, and less stylish especially in its aesthetics, editing and cinematography, which, personally, makes it more enjoyable. Again the film is also worth for the performance (expressive) of all the cast, and particularly the main actor and the marginal/eccentric characters, which each one is well developed. The added voice-over which translates the thoughts and personal answers of Killer doesn't overload the film, on the contrary it contributes to its tone and pace. Overall, a rather enjoyable film, well directed and an impressive debut.

The Scarlet Letter (Hyuk Byun, 2004). A mystery/thriller with several sub-plots, the film starts more like a thriller side with the investigation of a murder of a husband, which leads to a psychological mystery with the mysterious widow while the love relationships between the detective and his wife and his lover, two women too stereotyped in the fact that they are too opposite, is deepened developed, which in the end makes the film too unbalance (without counting the long scene in the car boot). Good performance again though.



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