Sunday, April 15, 2007

some updates

- A review on Directors Lounge 2007 written by Klaus W. Eisenlohr can be read on Rich Film site (with pics too).

- A review on the special programme of Chinese documentaries proposed by Fragments at The Festival of Asian Cinema of Tours can be found on the blog (in French, written by Delphine).

- "Fragments" presents Outside a documentary by Wang Wo in Nantes (France) on Tuesday 17th. The film was presented at Directors Lounge 2007 (Focus on China Doc) and at The Festival of Asian Cinema of Tours.
More here.
The film shows scenes of daily life in the streets of Beijing that were taken between 2001 and 2005. Thanks to their combination, these trivial scenes constitute an accute observation on the urban Chinese society today, the city, its organization and its development, its implications and the consequences of the social-economic mutations of China, but also the everyday life of ordinary people, the left-side, the migratory workers, the passer-bys, the individuals...

A review on the film will be soon online.

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