Monday, August 14, 2006

Hong Kong's 11th Golden Bauhinia Awards

The award ceremony of Hong Kong's 11th Golden Bauhinia Awards (HK Film Critics Association) was held on August, the 13th.

Best film: Election
Other nominees: Crazy N' the City, Perhaps Love, Isabella, Initial D

Best director: Peter CHAN - Perhaps Love
Other nominees: PANG Ho-Cheung (Isabella), Benny CHAN (Divergence), Johnnie TO (Election), James YUEN (Crazy N' the City)

Best actor: Simon YAM (Election)
Other Nominees : Chapman To (Isabella), Eason CHAN (Crazy N' the City), LEUNG Ka-Fai (Everlasting Regret), Andy LAU (Wait 'Til You're Older)

Best actress: ZHOU Xun (Perhaps Love)
Other nominees: Karena LAM (Home Sweet Home), Cecilia CHEUNG (The Promise), Angelica LEE (Re-Cycle), Isabella LEONG (Isabella)

Best supporting actor: Anthony WONG (Initial D)
Other nominees: Chapman TO (Moonlight in Tokyo), LAM Ka-Tung (Election), LAU Siu-Ming (Re-Cycle), Nick CHEUNG (Election 2)

Best supporting actress: Teresa MO (2 Young)
Other nominees: Paula TSUI (Shopaholics), ZHANG Jingchu (Seven Swords), Kara HUI (Crazy N' the City), Maggie SIU (Election)

Best new actor / actress: Isabella LEONG (Isabella)
Other nominees: Fiona SIT (2 Young), TSANG Nga-Ji (Re-Cycle), PAN Yue-Tong (Election 2), Jay CHOU (Initial D)

Best screenwriter(s): YAU Nai-Hoi and YIP Tin-Shing (Election) / James YUEN, and Jessica FONGLO Yiu-Fai (Crazy N' the City)
Other nominees: YAU Nai-Hoi and YIP Tin-Shing (Election 2), Ivy HO (Divergence), CHEUNG Chi-Kwong and Susan CHAN (Wait 'Til You're Older)

Best cinematography: Peter PAU (Perhaps Love)

Best art direction: YEE Chung-Man and Pater WONG (Perhaps Love)

Best film editing: WONG Hoi (Initial D)

Best original film music: Peter KAM and Leon KO (Perhaps Love)

Best original film song: Peter KAM (Perhaps Love)

Best sound design: Kinson TSANG (Initial D)

Best idea for a film: Re-Cycle

Outstanding achievement award: YU Mo-Wan (film historian)

By online voters:

Most popular film: Perhaps Love
Most popular actor: Andy LAU
Most popular actress: Angelica LEE

Perhaps Love got most of the love (it's not surprising it got best art direction, best film score - even if I thought it was hard for my ears), but Isabella and Election 2 were better and more interesting I thought. And Chapman To deserved the Best Actor award for Isabella. Some of the nominated films are quite old (from last year or so, such as Election, 2 Young, Initial D...), this makes sometimes the category quite strange (such as having Election 1 et 2 together selected in one category).



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