Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Festival 3 Continents - Awards

The 3 Continents Film Festival ended last night. I'll write a commentary later for now just the prizes.

The Official Selection
- Competition fiction :
Fireworks Wednesday - Agshar Farhadi - Iran
A few kilo of dates for a funeral - Saman Salour - Iran
Falafel - Michel Kammoun - Lebanon
Mientras Tanto - Diego Lerman - Argentina
Opera Jawa - Garin Nugruho - Indonesia
Koorogi - Shinji Aoyama - Japan
Time between dog and wolf - Jeon Soo-il - Korea
Esas no son penas - Daniel Andrade - Equator
Nacido y criado - Pablo Trapero - Argentina
Glue - Alexi dos Santos - Argentina
Zhoshy - Daniyar Salamat - Kazakhstan
Betelnut - Yang Heng - China

- Competition documentary :
Yellow Box – Ting Fu-huang - Taiwan
Celle qui portait les fleurs - Hala Al Yacoub - Syria
Stories from the north - Uruphong Raksasad - Thailand
Exteriors - Aliresa Rasoulinezhad - Iran
Manoro - Dante Mendoza - Philippines
Atos de homens - Kiko Goifman - Brazil
Serras da ordem - Andrea Tonacci - Brazil

more about the line-up :
see post here

The prizes
The International Jury of the 27th Festival des 3 Continents composed of :
Natacha Feola, director
Michael Galasso, composer
Rona Hartner, actress
Marcel Hoehn, director
David Robinson, cinema historian
Dito Tsintsadze, director
Henner Winckler, director, has awarded

Golden Montgolfier : A few kilos of dates for a funeral by Saman SALOUR (Iran)
Silver Montgolfier : Meanwhile by Diego LERMAN (Argentina)
Nouveaux Regards prizes : Betelnut by YANG heng (China)
Best actor : Nahuel Perez BISCAYART in Glue by Alexis Dos Santos (Argentina)
Best actress : Artika SARI DEVI in Opera Jawa by Garin Nugroho (Indonesia)
Special Jury Award for : Fireworks Wednesday by Asghar FARHADI (Iran)
Best Directing Award, Tribute to Jacques Demy : Rain Dogs by HO Yuhang (Malaysia)
Public Prize (FIP & PIL) : A few kilos of dates for a funeral by Saman SALOUR (Iran)
Young audience Prize : Glue by Alexis dos Santos (Argentina)
SACEM prize, Best sound track and musical creation : Opera Jawa by Garin NUGROHO (Indonesia)

The International Jury of the 28th Festival des 3 Continents composed of :
Mercedes Alvarez, director
Ginette Lavigne, director and editor
Yann-Olivier Wicht, director
Olivier Zimmermann, director and photographer, has awarded

Golden Montgolfier Ex-Aequo : The Yellow Box by TING Fu-huang (Taiwan)
Golden Montgolfier Ex-Aequo : Acts of Men by Kiko GOIFMAN (Brazil)
Public prize : The Stories from the North by Uruphong RAKSASAD (Thailand)



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