Monday, May 07, 2007


Directors Lounge
Memory in Motion
art in the public space, Munich, end of July 07

Directors Lounge website

. Memory In Motion – new ways of commemoration

Memory In Motion will present media art that seeks for new ways of remembrance by using the public space as a stage to challenge the neglecting of history with artistic means. The urban space, that makes history visible as architecture, offers the opportunity to connect artistic questioning with concrete history.
Memory In Motion is an intervention into the public space that question the handling of the past, the construction of historiography, the attribution of identity, social and ethnic codes and their reflection in society right there where such a basic discussion should start: in the public.

Public space is not a fixed space, it is everywhere, constantly in change, consequently we will be a project in motion, using different spaces for different works and different questions.

. Memory In Motion – call for proposals

We welcome any proposal for Memory In Motion, be it a site specific work or an existing film, installation, whatever that could fit into the concept. Get in touch and we´ll send you the link to the project pages.

. Memory In Motion – accompanying program

Memory In Motion will be accompanied by related screenings, we hope to realize a catalogue and/or a DVD to document the whole project.



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