Sunday, May 27, 2007


Naomi Kawase received the Grand Prize for her film, The Mourning forest (Mogari no mori, Japan) and Jeon Do-yeon received Best Actress Award for Secret Sunshine by Lee Chang-dong (South Korea).

Secret Sunshine by Lee Chang-dong, with Jeon Do-Yeon, Song Kang-Ho. 2007. South Korea.

synopsis : Sin-ae moves with her son Jun to Miryang, the town where her dead husband was born. As she tries to come to herself and set out on new foundations, another tragic event overturns her life.
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The Mourning Forest by Naomi Kawase, with Shigeki Uda, Machiko Ono, Makiko Watanabe, Kanako Masuda, Yohichiro Saito, 2007, Japan.

synopsis : Shigeki lives in a small retirement home. He feels comfortable and happy here with the other residents and the gentle and caring hospital staff. Machiko, one of the home’s staff pays special attention to him. However she is secretly haunted by the loss of her child. After celebrating Shigeki’s birthday Machiko decides to take him for a drive in the countryside. Making their way along the scenic back-roads the car is forced into a ditch by a land-slide and it is here that they embark on their journey of discovery together. As Shigeki determinedly heads off into the forest, Machiko has no choice but to follow. After two exhausting days trudging through the dense wood they finally arrive at Shigeki’s wife’s tomb.

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The Prix France-Culture is awarded yearly by French national public radio during the Cannes Festival to a filmmaker for career achievement. The 2007 prize went to Cambodian Rithy Panh "for the intensity of his work and his commitment to the presentation of Cambodia's cinematographic memory." Charlotte Rampling was president of the jury.

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