Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Chinese Videos in Nantes

Le Lieu Unique in Nantes welcomes Fragments for a special screening on Friday, November the 23rd at 8:30 pm in collaboration with Directors Lounge.
Le Lieu Unique. Salon Musique. No admission fee.

The evening is divided into two parts: a selection of international works compiled by Directors Lounge and a selection of Chinese videos proposed by Fragments.

This double program offers a different vision and illustrates a questioning on the theme of memory, the changing of the organization of society (social architecture, construction of the natural or transformed environment, the place of the individual), of the interdependence between individual and collective histories. The particular interest in all these art works also lies in the preoccupation of the notion of public space and its applications for creative and reflective purposes.


Directors Lounge contemporary art and media (Berlin) – (around 45 minutes)

Memory et history (ies) : Construction/Destruction/Reconstruction

Untitled # (Masha Godovannaya, Russia, 2005) 3’52 min
Da qui sopra il mare (Mauro Santini, Italia, 2003) 10’37 min.
Crazy love (Yoel Díaz Vásquez, Cuba, 2007) 3'19 min.
Construct (2 moments in Beauty)(Maja Borg,UK/Sweden,2006) 6min
Solo fur Ramallah (Andreas Rost, Germany, 2005) 4’50 min
Under Twilight (Jean Gabriel Périot, France, 2006) 5’10 min.
Shanghai Shanghai (Zhenchen Liu, France/China, 2006) 11’37 min.

中国录影带 : Chinese videos (around 65 min)
Memory and society/personal memories and the individual in society

Rice and Coins (MaiZi, 2007, 1 min)
Floating Memory (Liu Wei, 2001, 10 min.)
New Road (Xiaopeng, 2007, 9 min)
The Bridge (Xu Xin, 2007, 16 min.)
Terrace (Song Di, 2006, 12 min.)
Perform (MaiZi, 2007, 1 min)
Dian Dian (Liang Yue, 2002, 9 min)
Memories (Zhang Xuezhou, 2007, 5 min)

The complete program can be downloaded here

Fragments www.fragments-media.com info@fragments-media.com

Directors Lounge contemporary art and media www.directorslounge.net dl@directorslounge.net

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